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Are you a patient? This is where you will find important information about Long Covid

Have you had a Covid-19 infection and still do not feel fully fit? Do you feel tired, weary, lethargic or do you suffer from shortness of breath, heart palpitations or other physical complaints?

Many people who have had a Covid-19 infection feel the same as you do. Life no longer seems to be the same as before the infection. Symptoms can vary considerably. Those affected are often unsure whether these are long-term effects of the Covid-19 infection and whether there is a possible connection to their previous infection.  

This page is intended to provide you with information about Long Covid – contact details about the Long Covid self-help group, reports from other people affected, information about Long Covid rehabilitation at MEDIAN. You can also use a symptom checker to determine which performance limitations you have retained after overcoming an acute condition.

Please feel free to send us any feedback, ideas or suggestions for improvement you may have via the contact form. You can support us in developing our services so that we can help even more people like you.


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Long Covid clinical picture

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Long Covid diagnosis

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Long Covid treatment

Integration into work, family and private life as well as the preservation of independence

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