MEDIAN's experience in the treatment of Post Covid and Long Covid

Infographics for Long Covid treatment at MEDIAN

Our experience in the treatment of Long Covid at MEDIAN

MEDIAN has already treated around 2,500 patients affected by the long-term consequences of Covid-19 since April 2020. As a result, our doctors and therapists have over a year's experience of treating the long-term effects of Covid-19 and have been able to observe the development of the disease very closely.

So far, 47 % of treated patients were female and 53 % male.

46 % of the patients were hospitalised at MEDIAN for four weeks or longer. We recommend a general rehabilitation period of 5 weeks, especially for patients with symptoms of fatigue. 

The majority of patients undergoing Long Covid rehabilitation at MEDIAN are aged between 50 and 69 (60 % in total). The average age was just under 60, right at the midpoint of this age range.