“Long Covid” diagnosis

How can Long Covid be detected?


Long Covid diagnosis

A medical examination should be carried out four weeks after infection if symptoms continue. The aim is to rule out any organ dysfunction and other causes of fatigue. If symptoms persist, specific symptom-related tests need to be carried out involving various specialists. There is a wide range of diagnostic options for this in the various medical fields:

  • Respiratory diagnosis for the examination of the respiratory tract and lungs
  • Laboratory diagnosis, e.g. blood count
  • Cardiological diagnosis, e.g. by ECG
  • Internal medical diagnosis, e.g. by X-ray
  • Diagnosis of fatigue syndrome
  • Psychological diagnosis
  • Neurological diagnosis to determine possible damage to the nervous system

Talk to your family doctor about this if you need to.


Long Covid diagnosis

Long Covid Symptom Checker

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