ICD coding for Long Covid

ICD coding for Long Covid associated with preceding Covid infection.

ICD codes for Long Covid

ICD codes U08.9, U09.9! and U10.9 code for conditions associated with a Covid-19 infection:

  • U08.9 Covid-19 personal history: For cases where previous confirmed Covid-19 disease leads to recourse to health care. The patient no longer suffers from Covid-19.
  • U09.9! Post-Covid-19 condition: Intended for cases where the relationship between a current condition classified elsewhere and a previous Covid-19 disease is to be encoded. The code number must not be used if Covid-19 still exists.
  • U10.9 Multisystemic inflammatory syndrome associated with Covid-19: The code is intended for cases where an inflammatory syndrome due to cytokine release is temporally related to Covid-19.