Innovative treatment approaches

A special altitude training with positive effects on functional as well as neurocognitive parameters

Innovative approaches to treatment in Long Covid treatment

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHHT treatment) in Long Covid treatment

During IHHT therapy, a breathing mask is used to breathe in low-oxygen and oxygen-rich air at various intervals. An oxygen content of 12 % in the inspiratory air corresponds to approximately 4450 m altitude. This is why one of the terms used to describe this therapy is altitude training. Short-term exposure to mild hypoxia is thought to have a protective effect through cellular adaptation processes. Studies involving small patient populations have shown favourable effects on various functional and neurocognitive parameters. Initial experience with this innovative therapy option is being gained at the MEDIAN clinics in Flechtingen and Bad Gottleuba. The procedure is easy and safe to perform.