Offer of rehabilitation for Post Covid at MEDIAN

The MEDIAN clinics have been treating patients with Post Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. Here you get an overview of the four rehab Post Covid concepts.

Post-Covid Rehabiliation at MEDIAN

MEDIAN clinics have been treating patients with post-Covid symptoms since the beginning of the pandemic. MEDIAN developed four post-Covid concepts back in March 2020:

Specific pulmonary post-Covid rehabilitation

  • Specialised pulmonary rehabilitation has been developed for patients who suffered severe pneumonia in the course of their Covid-19 infection and experienced long-term respiratory failure and/or respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The focus of the rehabilitation stay is on restoring significantly reduced lung function. 

Interdisciplinary post-Covid rehabilitation 

  • Severe episodes of Covid-19 can seriously weaken the body and greatly limit lung resilience and respiratory muscle strength, even after the disease has been overcome. Interdisciplinary post-Covid rehabilitation was designed for such cases in order to remedy any residual impairments.

Specific psychosomatic post-Covid rehabilitation

  • Specific psychosomatic post-Covid rehabilitation was developed for all mental health-related after-effects associated with Covid-19. Depending on the type of mental problem, an individual treatment plan is created for this type of Covid rehabilitation that enables the patient to participate in life again to the fullest extent possible.

Specific addiction post-Covid rehabilitation

  • Not only does the current coronavirus pandemic pose a risk of contracting Covid-19, it also increases loneliness and boredom, as well as causing anxiety. A lack of diversion, the absence of work commitments, a lack of social support, as well as the aforementioned psychological pressures can encourage the use of addictive substances, leading to dependency disorders. Depending on the type of disorder, the aims of addiction rehabilitation at the Covid rehabilitation clinic may extend to abstinence from addictive substances or giving up pathological PC internet use and pathological gambling.